Hi 02/21/2011
so, anyone have any ideas i could do, you know, for my website???
RRRRGGGGGHHHHH, I Have Nothing to talk about!!!!!! I am going insane!!!!


02/25/2011 15:40:00

Hey! I Have Some REALLY funny videos I could show you, and I know some Awesome games you could try adding.


02/26/2011 14:40:33

O.K. What are they. I can put them on!



02/27/2011 11:40:06

On UTube There's a HILARIOUS video called farting preacher, and a funny video called penutbutter and jelly song that you'll get a hoot out of. Let me see here, oh, yah! I love the game ruble trouble, it's where you're a construction worker, and you try to destruct biuldings. It's on Miniclip.com. I'll let you know if I think of any more Games.


02/27/2011 17:08:24

Notify me if you think of any more. I will need all the info i can get!



03/02/2011 09:41:31

I love that dumb song you put on the vidios.


03/04/2011 11:25:33

I know right??
i have yet to put more vids on.
ALso more games. i don't have enough!



03/09/2011 07:49:41

can i put a link on my website to yours?


03/18/2011 16:21:56

Sure. I don't care, you (or anyone) doesn't need permission from me!!


03/22/2011 17:12:44

Talk people (by the way i am getting 40 more games this weekend!!!! get excited!



04/08/2011 17:00:33

yo yo



04/16/2011 20:38:19

hey dudes, whazzup hommies!


04/20/2011 11:40:12


04/20/2011 11:46:12

bounty you've got to get weared'al video's on your websit do it right now if you want too!



11/14/2011 15:54:22



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